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As the most reliable and precise transporter of the future, your task is no less than impossible! You must deliver a TOP SECRET package in time or the world will crumble. So jump onto your super motorcycle and get a use of your inhuman driving skills in an insanely high-speed oriented experience. Overtake traffic, avoid crashes, activate power-ups and reach your destination while climbing on top of the leaderboards!

Time is running out, so make it count!

* Stunning futuristic visuals
* Unparalleled sense of speed
* Smooth and addictive gameplay
* Insanely gorgeous motorcycles
* Simple and intuitive upgrade system
* Full retina display support
* Google Play support
* Music by BAFTA Award winner Tamás Kreiner

* Swipe LEFT and RIGHT to overtake traffic
* Swipe UP to use the nitro system
* Swipe DOWN to use the brakes

* Use the turbo zones as frequently as possible
* Always look out for incoming motorcycles
* Save your nitro for difficult situations
* Don't forget to upgrade your bikes to maximize their potential

Please rate the game and submit your feedbacks for further improvements!

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What's new

We are back with another shiny update:
* More colorful zones have been added
* A major graphical glitch has been fixed
* Some minor bugs have been fixed

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