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From the creators of the multi-million game Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas and World of Derby

It's time to conquer a larger city and show yourself in all its glory. To become famous, you will not be helped by weapons, shooting and leaving the police. Start your way with a simple worker and move up the career ladder. A huge number of tasks, missions, steep wheelbarrows in the game Big City Life: Simulator.

Features of the game Big City Life: Simulator:
- Colorful models of characters, vehicles and buildings
- HD graphics
- Optimization of control for touch screens
- More opportunities for the open gaming world
- The endless sea of ​​gameplay
- Absolute freedom of action

Features of the game process:
- Create a character at your discretion
- Dress the character in the latest fashion squeak
- Go to the gym, swing your muscles
- Follow the indicators of hunger and energy
- Fulfill the desires and goals of the character
- Get the rights and buy yourself a cool car, and better all
- Became cool? Start buying property

Brief description of the plot of the game:
The young guy came to a larger city, where he was faced with problems of survival, as the larger city requires more opportunities and money. He works on different jobs, gets a new experience, changing work at work. With a pizza dispenser, garbage removal, he is mastering new, more complex, jobs. At this stage, everything just begins in his new life in a larger city. Although it's not San Andreas and Los Santos, but you do not have to get bored at all.

We will regularly update Big City Life: Simulator, taking into account your suggestions. Do not forget to leave a review!
This is a game in the style of the Grand Theft Auto series, like GTA San Andreas

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What's new

- Added a competition for eating hamburgers for a while
- Added the influence of fatigue and hunger on the desire to work
- When the character strongly wants to sleep, he will not run
- Eliminated the loss of pizza on delivery
- Reduced the influence of bad mood on the rate of decrease in characteristics
- Increased the addition of mood in the performance of goals
- Increased all wages
- The speed of mixing concrete with a concrete mixer

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