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Watch and learn best tips and tricks for Pokemon GO game.
First part is for beginners, and is called beginners guide for Pokemon Go, which tells the basic mechanics of the game and first things all players should do at the start.

You can download Pokemon GO game safely on Google Play Store in valid countries.

Check in at Poke stops:
While walking, look around on the minimap and spot the blue icons which indicate Pokestops. Those blue icons are frequently important places and landmarks such as sculptures, noteworthy buildings, etc. Staying close to them and spining/swiping the picture will deliver you items(can be obtained via in-game shop also) such as poke balls, potion, s¸per potion, hyper potion, revive item, lucky egg (hatches as you walk), incense, lure module (lures the nearby pokemons to the pokestop), razz berry(decreases the chance of target pokemon escaping).

Crowded popular places mean more pokestops, which means more pokemon respawns. So, if you are in a non-crowded zone, think about going to these crowded places such as local parks, malls, central places, cafeteria and similar hotspots where you will have more chance of finding pokemons. Not to mention in these places you will be gaining a lot of items checking-in at pokestops.

Redesign your Pokemons:
In Pokemon GO game, there is the nice feature of renaming the Pokemon you catch. There is also a trick regarding this with Eeveeís evolution, we will touch that later.

Track and Recognize Pokemon:
In the right bottom of the screen thereís a tracker which shows the nearby Pokemons as well as their distance with the measure of footprint. One footprint means that pokemon is close, while three footprints mean it is far.

Transfering the duplicates:
Letís say, you had a charmender, yet you catched yet another charmender. What are you going to do with two charmenders? Quite easy and well done by the studio. You transfer multiple Pokemons to Professor Willow(like Professor Oak) and he will reward you with the candy of the Pokemon which can be used later in order to evolve and upgrade your pokemon. Note that upgrade/power up requires Pokemon Star Dust also. Powering up increases Pokemons combat power(CP) and health.

In Pokemon Go, as you roam around and collet the rewards of Pokestops, you will frequently collect Eggs. Hatching the egg gives you a free Pokemon, a strong one actually.
In order to hatch the egg, you must place it in an incubator and start hatching. There are eggs of 2 KMs, 5 KMs and 10 KMs. This means these eggs will require you walking as much as these distances. You may use multiple eggs and incubators at the same time however incubators are limited, except fort he starting one, and limited incubators can either be bough from the store or won upon reaching certain levels.
Once you reach the limit of distance you need to walk, your egg will hatch and you will be rewarded with a random Pokemon.

Controlling the Evolution of Eevee:
There are three possible outcomes of Eevee's evolution and many people are getting a lot of duplicates.
Re-name your Eevee as below to achieve the desired Pokemon from the evolution. You should choose the Eevee with the highest CP (combat power). Click on the edit button next to Eevee's name and alter it to what you wish to achieve from the evolution:
Sparky = Jolteon
Rainer = Vaporeon
Pyro = Flareon
Make sure first letter is capital. This method is not exactly 100% success however it is close that it is highly accepted by the community as feedbacks indicate so.

Also in one of our education/tutorial videos, it is explained how to use the poke radar in-game feature, as well as how cheaters use bots to farm and reach level 40 faster.

Pokemon GO Plus Wristband is announced, and we will keep our application up to date, adding tutorial videos for such wearable.

Gyms are fortress like places that you can conquer and defend by placing your Pokemon. Holding gyms rewards the player with poke coin/poke gold.

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