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Voice recorder
Voice recorder - Audio recorder
Best recorder for sound recording with high quality
Voice recorder application is totally free. It is simple and easy to use. You can reliably record your meetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, songs. There is no time limits. This application can record most of your sound and voice. You can record a business meeting, a lecture, an interview. This app is a best choice. Other names which you can call it: voice recorder, audio recorder, sound recorder.

1. record voice with high quality
2. simple user interface, easy to use.
3. Supported operations in this Version
- Recording with high quality.
- Format file: mp3, ogg
- Play, pause, stop audio file.
- Send/Share your recording.
- Delete your recording right from the app.
- Save the recording file.
- live audio spectrum analyzer
- mp3 encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)
- recording in background (even when display is off)
- microphone gain calibration tool
- save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control
- easy to use recordings list
- send/share a recording via email, sms, mms, facebook, whatsapp, dropbox, etc.
- not support call recorder

Hope you love this application.

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What's new

update app icon
fix translation
add rewind/fast forward button on playback screen
change interface a bit for more convenient
add option let user change playback speed
fix some bugs
add option let user set a recording file as ringtone
add option to remove ads
fix german translation. Thank René Trüpschuch for help

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